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Minggu, 05 November 2017

TCP/IP - Network Administration (3rd Edition) | Ebook

Author: Craigh Hunt
Publisher: O'Reilly
Year: 2010
Pages: 752
This complete guide to setting up and running a TCP/IP network is essential for network administrators, and invaluable for users of home systems that access the Internet. The book starts with the fundamentals -- what protocols do and how they work, how addresses and routing are used to move data through the network, how to set up your network connection -- and then covers, in detail, everything you need to know to exchange information via the Internet. Included are discussions on advanced routing protocols (RIPv2, OSPF, and BGP) and the gated software package that implements them, a tutorial on configuring important network services -- including DNS, Apache, sendmail, Samba, PPP, and DHCP -- as well as expanded chapters on troubleshooting and security. TCP/IP Network Administration is also a command and syntax reference for important packages such as gated, pppd, named, dhcpd, and sendmail. With coverage that includes Linux, Solaris, BSD, and System V TCP/IP implementations

Table of Content:
 - Overview of TCP/IP
 - Delivering the data
 - Network services
 - Getting startedM
 - Basic configuration
 - Configuring the interface
 - Configuring routing
 - Configuring DNS
 - Configuring network servers
 - Configuring sendmail
 - Configuring Apache
 - Network security
 - Troubleshooting
 - Appendices

Minggu, 24 September 2017

Linux Networking Cookbook (Ebook)

Administrasi Jaringan merupakan salah satu tugas utama yang dilakukan oleh Linux System Administrator. Dengan mengetahui cara mengkonfigurasi network secara handal dan optimal anda dapat mengkonfigurasi beberapa network service saat berada di lingkungan perusahaan yang besar.

Kamis, 31 Agustus 2017

Linux Server Security - Hack and Defend (Ebook)


Buku ini memberikan gambaran luas mengenai ancaman internet dan jaringan. Tidak seperti buku lainnya yang membahas pada pokok permasalahan yang spesifik, fokus yang ada pada buku ini adalah membahas permasalahan yang beragam secara garis besar, sehingga dapat dijangkau oleh orang awam seklipun

Senin, 15 Desember 2014

Linux Ebook Collection | Ebook


How Linux Works - What Every Super-User Should Know.chm

Linux Bible 2008 Edition.pdf
Linux Newbie Administrator Guide.pdf
Linux The Complete Reference.pdf
Linux Annoyances For Geeks.chm
Backup And Recovery.pdf
Dns in Action A Detailed and Practical Guide to Dns.pdf
Ebook Teach Yourself Linux In 24 Hours Sharereactor.pdf
Hacking Linux Exposed.pdf
Linux Timesaving Techniques for Dummies.pdf
Linux Troubleshooting For System Administrators And Power Users .chm
Linux+ Certification_Bible.pdf
O'Reilly - Essential System Administration 3rd Edition.chm
O'Reilly - Learning Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Fedora 4th Edition.chm
O'Reilly - Learning the bash Shell 2nd Edition.chm
O'Reilly - Learning the Vi Editor 6th Edition.pdf
O'Reilly - Linux Cookbook.chm
O'Reilly - Linux in a Nutshell 4th Edition.chm
O'Reilly - Linux Server Hacks.pdf
O'Reilly - Practical Unix & Internet Security 3rd Edition.chm
O'Reilly - Running Linux 4th Edition.pdf
O'Reilly - UNIX in a Nutshell 3rd Edition.chm
O'Reilly - UNIX Power Tools 3rd Edition.chm
OReilly Linux System Administration.pdf
Red Hat Linux Security And Optimization.pdf
User Mode Linux.chm

2. Cluster

Linux Enterprise Cluster.chm
OReilly High Performance Linux Clusters With Oscar Rocks openmosix And Mpi.chm
The MIT Press Beowulf Cluster Computing With Linux Second Edition.chm

3. Core Linux Concepts (Kernel,Networking,FineTuning,Device Drivers,Thin Client)

Linux Thin Client Networks Design and Deployment.pdf
O'Reilly - Linux Device Drivers 2nd Edition.pdf
O'Reilly - Understanding the Linux Kernel 2nd Edition.chm
O'Reilly - Understanding The Linux Kernel.pdf
OReilly Linux Unwired.chm
OReilly Zero Configuration Networking The Definitive Guide.chm
Understanding Linux Network Internals.chm
Linux Kernel Development 3rd Edition

4. DNS

Bind9 Administration Reference Manual.pdf
DNS & BIND Cookbook.chm
DNS and BIND, 5th ed.chm
Dns in Action A Detailed and Practical Guide to Dns.pdf
Pro DNS and BIND.pdf

5. Essentials Networking (VPN,SNMP,Load Balancing)

Linux The Complete Reference.pdf
O'Reilly - Essential SNMP.chm
O'Reilly - Essential SNMP.pdf
O'Reilly - Ethernet Definitive Guide.pdf
O'Reilly - Linux Network Administrator's Guide 2nd Edition.pdf
O'Reilly - Server Load Balancing.pdf
O'Reilly - The Network Administration Guide.chm
O'Reilly - Virtual Private Networks 2nd Edition.pdf
OpenVPN - Building And Integrating Virtual Private Networks.pdf

6. IDS Firewall & Security

Configuring IPCop Firewalls - Closing Borders With Open Source.pdf
Hacking Linux Exposed.pdf
O'Reilly Building Internet Firewalls 2nd Edition.pdf
O'Reilly - Building Secure Servers with Linux.chm
O'Reilly - Building Secure Servers with Linux.pdf
O'Reilly - Kerberos The Definitive Guide.chm
O'Reilly - Linux Security Cookbook.chm
O'Reilly - Linux Server Hacks.pdf
O'Reilly - Network Security with OpenSSL.pdf
O'Reilly - Practical Unix & Internet Security 3rd Edition.chm
O'Reilly - RADIUS.chm
SANS Institute Securing Linux A Survival Guide for Linux Security.chm
Security Warrior.chm
Snort For Dummies.pdf
The Best Damn Firewall Book Period .pdf
The Tao Of Network Security Monitoring - Beyond Intrusion Detection.chm


O'Reilly - LDAP System Administration.chm

8.Mail Servers

O'Reilly - Postfix The Definitive Guide.chm
O'Reilly - Postfix The Definitive Guide.pdf
O'Reilly - qmail.chm
O'Reilly sendmail 4th Edition.pdf 


O'Reilly - Managing NFS and NIS 2nd Edt.pdf


O'Reilly Samba 2nd Edition.chm


SELinux By Example - Using Security Enhanced Linux .chm
SELinux NSAs Open Source Security Enhanced Linux .chm

11. Squid

O'Reilly - Squid The Definitive Guide.chm
O'Reilly - Squid The Definitive Guide.pdf

12. SSH & VPN

IPsec Virtual Private Network Fundamentals.chm
O'Reilly - SSH The Secure Shell The Definitive Guide.pdf
O'Reilly - The Secure Shell The Definitive Guide.pdf
O'Reilly - Virtual Private Networks 2nd Edition.pdf

13. Web Server - Apache

Apache Server 2 Bible.pdf
O'Reilly Apache Cookbook.chm
O'Reilly Apache The Definitive Guide 3rd Edition.chm
O'Reilly - Apache The Definitive Guide 3rd Edition.pdf
O'reilly - The Apache Definitive Guide 2nd Edition.pdf
Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux and Apache.chm

14. BSD

Backup And Recovery.pdf
O'Reilly - BSD Hacks.pdf
O'Reilly - Learning the UNIX Operating System.pdf
O'Reilly - The Complete FreeBSD.pdf
UNIX Administration A Comprehensive Sourcebook for Effective Systems and Network Management.pdf

Evolution, Design, & Implementation.pdf

(Size: 542.7 MB)

Kali Linux Ebook Collection | Ebook


Guide To Kali Linux ~~R@JU~~ [WBRG]
Instant Kali Linux [PDF]
Kali Linux- Assuring Security by Penetration Testing [PDF] [StormRG]
Kali Linux Cookbook.pdf
Kali Linux CTF Blueprints - Buchanan, Cam
Kali Linux Network Scanning Cookbook [PDF] [StormRG]
Kali Linux Penetration Testing.pdf
Kali Linux Social Engineering [PDF]~StormRG~
Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing [PDF] [StormRG]
Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (2014).pdf
Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux.PlentyofeBooks.net

(Size: 94.5 MB)

Kamis, 03 April 2014

Digital SLR Photography - Full Year 2013

Koleksi majalah fotografi (Digital SLR) basis ebook berbahasa inggris. Ebook ini terdiri 12 ebook edisi Januari 2013 hingga Desember 2013

Rabu, 12 Maret 2014

Hacking Wireless Network For Dummies | Hacking Ebook

Hacking Wireless Network For Dummies

Hacking Wireless Network For Dummies
Hacking Wireless Network For Dummies

(Hacking Wireless Network For Dummies) Sudah hampir 2 bulan saya mempunyai koneksi wi-fi yang yah.. paling nggak kalo buat mahasiswa udah full speed. Dari pada pake flash modem yang amsyong dan ambyar ketika signal tidak mendukung. Lumayanlah, dengan uang 68rebu perbulan bisa menikmati layanan Speedy unlimited dengan jaminan speed 358Kbps.